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Welcome to the Intensive Course for the IMAT 2021 Exam!

Here you will be spending a lot of your time in the following 4 weeks. Make sure to utilize everything MBSA offers you. We designed this course with only one goal: to help you achieve your dream of studying medicine in Italy.

This is how the course will be:

Every day you will have 6 hours of reviewing lessons, which are divided into 3 subjects, each taking 2 hours. After each lesson, a 10 exercises homework list will be available here. Make sure to do them!

Every Saturday we will have a mock exam that should be done simulating the same conditions you will face during the exam: 100 minutes duration and practicing the exam strategy we developed together during your individual mentoring session.

Don’t forget to schedule your medical english lessons!

Ready to start?

This is a 4-week prep course for the IMAT exam. — Fall 2021

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