The Medical Boards Study Academy® (MBSA®) courses are designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn and review all core content for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE®) in a clear, concise and effective manner. What makes MBSA® unique is that MBSA® courses are tailored to present information in ways that fit different learning styles. Since most students learn better when integrating concepts to real life scenarios, MBSA® applies active learning strategies to every lesson. These learning techniques support retention and long-term learning, both critical components for success on test day.


Dr. Soares Linn, MD, MSc, MPH specializes in internal medicine and epidemiology. With an MSc in Infectious Diseases from the University of London/LSHTM (UK) and an MPH in Epidemiology from Columbia University (USA) Dr. Soares Linn’s goal is to help students learn the “why” by integrating basic sciences concepts to clinical medicine processes. Dr. Soares Linn is a dynamic and engaging mentor who is committed to train outstanding health care professionals around the world. The MBSA® is based on her vision of what high quality medical education should look like.

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“The focused test prep you will receive from MBSA® will prepare you for residency in the United States and ultimately to become a better doctor.”

Juliana Soares Linn