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Revalidation of medical degree

The student who wishes to practice medicine in New Zealand can take advantage of the performance obtained in the PLAB in the revalidation request. The country has its own exam, NZREX Clinical, but they accept the PLAB as a replacement for the initial phase.

At MBSA, we recommend PLAB, as it is also possible to apply it to several other countries – such as the United Kingdom and Ireland, for example. After PLAB and NZREX Clinical, the physician must demonstrate proficiency in English. Although not a requirement, the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) also recommends that you complete a minimum of 12 months of experience after graduation before applying for the exam.


How does PLAB work


Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board

The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) is the official medical license exam in the UK, but it can be used in many other countries – including Ireland and New Zealand.

It consists of two parts, known simply as PLAB1 and PLAB2. The first stage tests the candidate’s theoretical knowledge, while the second requires the practical application of this knowledge.

What is assessed on the exam?

PLAB1 (theoretical)

More than just an exam, the PLAB tests a student’s ability to attend the National Health Service (NHS) in England. The first round exam contains 180 questions and is held in the UK, Australia and some specific consulates — more details in this article.

PLAB2 (practice)

The second stage is made up of 18 medical service stations, where the student has about 10 minutes in each one of them to carry out a diagnosis. It takes place in some specific cities in the UK.



MBSA Courses for the PLAB


Intensive 10 months for theoretical exam

For this step, MBSA offers the course in the Intensive module, with ten months duration, specific for PLAB with a focus on New Zealand.

The package includes exclusive handouts, simulations, online and live classes, individual consultations, specific question banks for the PLAB, assistance in the bureaucratic part, inclusion in the MBSA Community and a free retake of the course, if necessary.

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Intensive 10 months for practical exam

The PLAB2 course also has a total duration of 10 months and is offered in the Intensive format. It is recommended for those who have already been approved in PLAB1.

The student has access to exclusive workbooks, simulations, online and live classes, one-on-one consulting sessions, PLAB-specific question banks, inclusion in the MBSA Community and a free retake of the course if necessary.

Enrollments for the preparatory course for the PLAB2 are being carried out according to the demand of students who have already passed the PLAB1. Please let us know below if you are interested in receiving our contact regarding the formation of classes.

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